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Spring Mini Session

Instead of the regularly offered 6 week program, we are now offering a 3 week special program.

You can either sign up for 1 class per week (3 classes total) or 2 classes per week (6 classes total).


Classes will be held at the same location and time as the 6 week program. Because this is a 3 week program, the curriculum will be taught faster as we are condensing a 6 week curriculum into 3.

All payment methods (cash, check, or Venmo) will be made out to Elena Tobiash

Venmo: @Elena-Tobiash

About LTS

Learn-to-Skate (LTS) classes offer your skater the opportunity to work on developing skills for ice sports from figure skating to ice hockey as well as recreational skating.

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Our classes include a 30 minute group skill lesson and 30 minutes of practice time. There are classes available for all ages (3 year olds through adults) and skill levels. Coaches will evaluate the skaters throughout the Session, testing on the 6th week. Some skaters need longer at each level to master the skills, especially younger ones.  Some may advance to higher level within the same Session.  Our goal is to advance skaters at their own pace, but to also promote skaters who are capable of skating in higher levels.


  • In-person through cash or check
  • Online through Venmo HERE